Saturday, July 24, 2010


that's moby, my male husky.
5 years. i think. haha

that's the view from the house i'm moving to in tas, with my mum.

that's the dog pen i'm thinking of getting.
anyone have experience with these?

dogs will mostly be indoor dogs anyway. but, for pups first outdoor experiences?.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

show standard

I've spent all of today researching the Siberian Husky show standard.

I'll tell you what! After having read over in depth descriptions, I can never look at my childhood dogs the same way again!!.

One of my dogs, "Moby" has the biggest, most obnoxious (adorable still) BOOFHEAD I have ever seen. His rib cage is far too broad. He doesn't have a gait, so much as he stumbles. His ears are too big, His fur is coarse. His tail swirls over his back, but has a tendency to linger to the left. His paws face outwards.

Someone certainly did not breed that dog to be shown, hahaha.
He's still lovable and loyal though. And obviously neutered.
Don't want any more boofheads in the breed =p.

Embarrassingly enough, too, I cried after reading the full story of the "Great Serum Run' to Nome.

Here's a picture of a well bred pup I once owned as a kiddy. She had champion lines from USA and Canada. Bred from Kortierra Kennels with lines to Starscape.

Nicknamed 'Suka'.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

siberian husky breeding.

anyone have any ideas for names?

At the moment I'm stuck.

I have the oppurtunity to move to Tasmania (Australia)
Someone incredibly close to Antarctica (haha) with a perfect climate for husky breeding.
Or to stay in Brisbane (australia) , where the market for Siberian Huskies is a lot greater.

IN the end though, I am DEFINITELY NOT, doing this for the profit. As there will be none. haha (:

But also, I don't know how pure and impressive the breeding lines in tassie are.

visit this site to find out about siberian huskies (:

Monday, July 19, 2010

the book i'm reading atm

At the moment i'm reading this book.
Although it isn't 'siberian husky specific'
The woman who wrote it bred Alaskan Malamutes.

It's a little bit out-dated, (just under 20 years old) but it's still a good resource to have.

She says things in a real 'matter of fact' way.

I only just found out about 'gaits' .

I have a long way to go!.

Siberian Husky Facts

My passion is to become a dog breeder, but before I start posting about that, I'll wait until I get some followers by enticing you with Siberian Husky Facts. ahahaha.

  • Siberian huskies (in fact, all dogs) are banned in Antarctica.

  • Siberian huskies should not be bred until at least two years of age.
  • A bronze statue of a Siberian husky; Balto stands near the entrance of New York's Central Park. Balto is the true-story character of a Siberian husky dog that managed to deliver medicine to many sick people, despite being caught in the middle of a blizzard and facing many obstacles.

    • Siberian Huskies were not recognized by the AKC until 1930.

    • Siberian Huskies are the only breed of dog that displays 11 out of 12 wolf behaviour traits.

    The first official Siberian Husky Club was created in 1938.

    • In a sled team, there should be six dogs.

    • Siberian Huskies are the only dogs that don't bark, and howl instead.
    • Wolves aren't pack animals. They live in families, not packs.

      • A male over 23 1/2 inches tall is considered disqualified by AKC standards.