Thursday, July 22, 2010

show standard

I've spent all of today researching the Siberian Husky show standard.

I'll tell you what! After having read over in depth descriptions, I can never look at my childhood dogs the same way again!!.

One of my dogs, "Moby" has the biggest, most obnoxious (adorable still) BOOFHEAD I have ever seen. His rib cage is far too broad. He doesn't have a gait, so much as he stumbles. His ears are too big, His fur is coarse. His tail swirls over his back, but has a tendency to linger to the left. His paws face outwards.

Someone certainly did not breed that dog to be shown, hahaha.
He's still lovable and loyal though. And obviously neutered.
Don't want any more boofheads in the breed =p.

Embarrassingly enough, too, I cried after reading the full story of the "Great Serum Run' to Nome.

Here's a picture of a well bred pup I once owned as a kiddy. She had champion lines from USA and Canada. Bred from Kortierra Kennels with lines to Starscape.

Nicknamed 'Suka'.

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